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  1. Reset Forgotten Password If you have forgotten your Online Account password, reset it as follows. Click Reset Your Password . Enter: Your Username or 10-digit Vonage phone number 5-digit zip code for your account...
  2. Caller ID and Caller ID Block Caller ID with Name displays the name and telephone number (if available) for incoming calls on any Caller ID enabled device or telephone. For calls that you place from a Vonage U.S. residential...
  3. Check Number Transfer Status You can track the status of your phone number transfer to Vonage in your Online Account. Number Transfer Status messages are located under Account Status . These messages will keep you...
  4. Troubleshoot Vonage® Extensions® App Calling Issues
  5. FAQs for Extensions® App The FAQs in this article address the most common questions asked about the Extensions App. For details on how to set up and use, see Extensions® App for iPhone® or Android™ . No iPhone or...
  6. Troubleshoot Calling Issues
  7. What is the Vonage® Extensions® App?
  8. Stay Connected with the Vonage® Extensions® App
  9. Troubleshooting Tool This Troubleshooting Tool is a step-by-step guide to help identify and troubleshoot some common technical issues. To use this tool, you need to be at the location of your Vonage adapter...
  10. Check Voicemail from Any Phone Want to check your Vonage Voicemail even when you are away from home? This video will show you the steps to review your Voicemail messages using any phone. To avoid long distance charges when...
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