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Use Vonage with TiVo

You can set up the Series 2 and later versions of TiVo DVRs to use the same Internet connection as your Vonage phone service by connecting your TiVo DVR to your Vonage Phone Adapter. The instructions vary by adapter type.

NOTE: See Vonage phone adapter models if you need help identifying your phone adapter type.

Vonage Adapter TiVo DVR Support

Adapters with multiple LAN ports:

Motorola VT2542 (W)
Motorola VT 2442
D-Link VWR (W)
Linksys RTP300
Linksys WRTP54G (W)
Linksys RT31P2
Linksys WRT54GP2 (W)

(W) See Wireless network connection

You can connect a TiVo DVR and your computer to the same phone adapter.

Connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on the TiVo DVR to a LAN port on the Vonage Phone Adapter. Connect your computer to another LAN port on the same Vonage phone adapter.

If your TiVo DVR has a USB port instead of an Ethernet port, you need to connect a wired USB network adapter to one of the USB ports on the TiVo DVR and the other end to the LAN port on the Vonage Phone Adapter.

NOTE: The USB-to-Ethernet adapter is available from electronic retailers such as Radio Shack. They are not available from Vonage.

Adapters with one LAN port:

Vonage Box
Vonage V-Portal
Motorola VT1005
Motorola VT2142
Uniden UIP1869V telephone

To connect a computer and your TiVo DVR simultaneously, you need to add a switch to expand the number of available LAN Ethernet ports.

NOTE: Switches are available from retailers such as Radio Shack. They are not available from Vonage.

Adapters that cannot connect a computer and TiVo DVR simultaneously:

Linksys PAP2
Linksys PAP2v2
UTStarcom F1000 WiFi Telephone
Cisco ATA-186
VTech IP8100 Cordless Broadband Telephone


Wireless Network Connection

If you have a wireless Vonage Phone Adapter (W), you can connect to the TiVo DVR via a wireless network adapter* to one of the USB or Ethernet ports on the TiVo DVR.

NOTE: The wireless adapter is available from Internet suppliers such as Amazon or Ebay. It is not available from Vonage.

Phone Line Connection

Vonage strongly recommends that you connect your TiVo DVR to the Vonage Phone Adapter through the Vonage Adapter LAN port with an Ethernet cable.

Connecting over a telephone line between the Tivo DVR and any Vonage adapter is not recommended.

If you are using your Vonage Phone Service to make voice telephone calls and you want to allow your TiVo DVR to also make its calls, you have two options:

  • Get a phone line splitter from a local retail electronics store such as Radio Shack. Plug the splitter into the green Port 1 of the Vonage Phone Adapter, then plug your telephone into one plug of the splitter and the TiVo DVR into the other plug of the splitter.
  • Add a second phone line from Vonage and plug the TiVo DVR into the green Port 2 of the Vonage phone adapter.
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