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Vonage Professional Installation Service

Vonage offers installation services in many areas to customers who want a qualified Installation Technician to set up their Vonage service at their home or office.  You must have a high speed broadband connection before we can set up your Vonage service.

Prices start at $99.95 for residential installation and $124.95 for business installation. Additional charges may apply if other work is required.

Contact us to request Professional Installation services.


When setting up your Vonage service, our Installation Technician will complete the following for you:

  • Test all phone jacks and notify you if any phone jacks require repair. Additional charges apply for repairing or adding phone jacks.
  • Connect up to two phone lines. Additional charges apply if more than two phone lines are required.
  • Install up to nine feet of phone cord on the surface only (concealed wiring is not included).
  • Disconnect the Network Interface Device.  All phone jacks where the customer wants to have access to Vonage service must have commonality with each other and continuity to the Network Interface Device.

NOTE: Vonage professional installation services will not connect Vonage service to PBX or key systems.


Can I get professional installation if I live in a rental apartment?

Yes.  Vonage does offer installation services to people who rent, however, the wiring in a rental unit can prevent the technician from being able to connect the device to the apartment's wiring. If the technician determines that the home wiring cannot be accessed, the technician will connect one telephone to the Vonage telephone adapter.

Can I get professional installation if I am transferring my phone number to Vonage?

Yes. You can set up your appointment once you know the date when your phone number transfer to Vonage will be complete.

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