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Anonymous Call Block

Use Anonymous Call Block to prevent callers who block their Caller ID from ringing your Vonage phone number. Instead of ringing your phone, these callers will hear a message informing them their call cannot be completed until their Caller ID is unblocked.

Anonymous Call Block stops incoming calls from the following only: Anonymous, Private, Private Number, Private Name, Number Private, Caller Private, Restricted and Withheld.

By default, Anonymous Call Block is turned off. Callers who do not block their number are able to ring your phone and this includes Caller ID displays that show Unavailable.

Cost: Included with your calling plan

Set Up and Use

Helpful Hints

How I Use Anonymous Call Block…

My grandparents are quite energetic, but during a recent visit, I realized their phone rang endlessly. While one call was from a friend, the others were not. Before leaving, I turned on Anonymous Call Block so they did not have to jump up to answer those nagging calls. 

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