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How Do I Transfer My Number?

One number for life is the way to go. No more guessing what your next number will be, no missed calls, no new local phone company to deal with, and you will not have to notify a soul!
A simple form and signature will speed you on your way to becoming part of the Vonage family. You will not even break a sweat.
If you have DSL - read on, you can still be part of the Vonage Family.

Let's take a look at how it all happens.

To transfer your number, refer to the following information:
  1. A Letter of Authorization is required when transferring your home or cell phone number over to our service. The Letter of Authorization must be signed by the account holder whose name is listed on the existing service.

  2. Vonage will keep you informed of the transfer process via email along the way. Once the form is submitted and approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your number transfer is in process.

  3. The transfer process takes approximately 10 business days upon receipt of the completed Letter of Authorization. An e-mail will be sent from Vonage when your number has been successfully transferred.

  4. In order for Vonage to transfer your number it must remain active with your local carrier. Once you have signed the Letter of Authorization, do not contact your carrier to disconnect your service. It will take place when your phone number is transitioned to Vonage. You will receive a final bill from your previous provider.

Here is how we're looking out for you - with your Temporary Virtual Number!

As an added convenience, we provide our customers a temporary phone number you can use while your number is being transferred. This enables you to use Vonage service right away - there is no need to wait for your old telephone number to be transferred to us!
To utilize your temporary number, refer to the following information:
NOTE: Even before your device arrives, inbound calls to the Temporary Virtual Number forward to your Vonage Voicemail. Vonage Voicemail allows you to listen to your messages from any phone or your PC. To configure voicemail settings log in to your Vonage Online Account. Your Vonage online account also allows you to review your Number Transfer Status.
  • When your device arrives, do not wait; use it right away. In most cases during the transfer process, you can still receive inbound calls from your previous carrier. Why not use the Vonage service to make your outbound calls and save money?! Just install your Vonage device, connect a phone directly to the Vonage device, and use it to make your outbound calls.
  • You can also have your previous carrier forward calls to your Temporary Virtual Number to ring the phone connected to the Vonage device - provided that you do not forward the number you are transferring. Charges may apply depending on the plan you had with previous carrier. 

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