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Number Transfer FAQs

How do I transfer my existing phone number to Vonage?
When you purchase a Vonage calling plan by phone or online, or you activate a Vonage adapter that you purchased at a retail location, you are given the option to transfer an existing phone number to Vonage or obtain a new phone number. If you choose to transfer an existing phone number, you are provided the information that you must complete. 

How can I verify that my phone number can be transferred to Vonage?
Most landline or mobile phones numbers can be transfered to Vonage. To verify, go to Go to  Scroll down to Do you want to keep your current phone number? to check. The option to check your phone number is also displayed when you sign up for for a Vonage calling plan.

How much does it cost to transfer my phone number to Vonage?
Vonage does not charge to transfer a phone number

How long does it take to transfer my number?
Once you complete and submit the electronic authorization form, your number transfer takes up to 10 business days to complete. During the number transfer process, we provide you with a temporary phone number so that you can use our services immediately. You can track the progress of your number transfer request and find your temporary number in your Online Account. 

Why is my Vonage phone ringing if my number has not transferred yet?
Calls from a Vonage phone number will ring on the phone that is attached to your Vonage adapter, because the call is placed over the Vonage network only. This is considered a Vonage-to-Vonage call.  If you receive a call from a non-Vonage phone number, the call rings on the phone of your current provider and not on the phone attached to your Vonage adapter.

While the number is transferring, can I receive incoming calls?
During the number transfer process, calls from any non-Vonage phone number to the phone number that you are transferring will ring on your non-Vonage phone.  Any calls made to your temporary phone number or calls from any Vonage phone number ring on the phone attached to your Vonage adapter.

Should I contact my old phone company to close my account after the number transfer completes?
It is common practice for most telephone companies to cancel your account when the phone number transfers to a new provider. You may want to contact your old provider, after your number transfer completes, to confirm the account was cancelled.

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