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Linksys PAP2v2 Telephone Adapter


The Linksys PAP2v2 telephone adapter connects to your high-speed Internet connection to provide Vonage service for up to two voice lines or one voice line and one fax line. This adapter does not have a built-in router.

For details on how to set up advanced options, see the Linksys PAP2v2 User Guide (PDF).

Set Up Your Linksys PAP2v2 Adapter

User Guides

Setup Requirements

Before you begin to set up your Linksys PAP2v2 adapter, confirm that you have all of the following necessary equipment.

Package Contents
Your Environment
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Telephone and telephone cord

Setup Instructions

Connect your Linksys PAP2v2 adapter to an existing router in your network.

  1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable that came with your Linksys PAP2v2 adapter into an open port on your router.
  2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the ETHERNET port on the back of the Linksys PAP2v2 adapter.
  3. Connect the power adapter to the Linksys PAP2v2 adapter and then plug into a power source.
  4. When the Power light on the Linksys PAP2v2 adapter is solidly lit, connect one end of your telephone cord to the PHONE 1 port on the back.
  5. Plug the other end of the telephone cord into your telephone. If you are using cordless phones, make sure to connect the telephone cord to the base unit of the phone system.

Status Indicators

The Linksys PAP2v2 adapter has four status lights on the front panel: PHONE 1, PHONE 2, INTERNET and Power.

Blinking green Booting up; firmware upgrade
Solid green Boot up complete
Solid red   Problem with adapter 
Solid Connected to Vonage server
Blinking Data transfer in progress
PHONE 1 and 2 
Solid Ready to make and receive calls
Blinking Call in progress

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

You can use the IVR to change the configuration settings of your Linksys PAP2v2 adapter, if necessary. This includes setting a static IP address, enabling DHCP, and checking the adapter's MAC address.

To access the IVR, you must use a phone connected to one of the PHONE ports on the adapter.

  1. Press * * * * (four asterisks). You will hear a message confirming you are at the configuration menu.
  2. Press the number for the option you want and then press the # key.

    100  Check the current DHCP state. 
    101  Enable or disable DHCP state.
    110  Check the current IP address. 
    111  Set static IP address. 
    120  Check subnet mask. 
    121  Set subnet mask. 
    130  Check static gateway IP address. 
    131  Set static gateway IP address. 
    140  Check MAC address. 
    150  Check firmware version. 
    732668  Reboot adapter. 

  3. Follow the prompts to enter any additional information.
    NOTE: When entering an IP address, press * to indicate the decimal point.

Restart Your Adapter and Network Devices

Certain conditions, such as an Internet outage, power outage or change in configuration, can cause an interruption in your Vonage service. You can usually resolve these issues by a restart of your network equipment. See Restart Your Phone Adapter and Network Devices for more information.

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