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Linksys RTP300 Telephone Adapter

Image of Linksys RT31P2

The Linksys RTP300 telephone adapter connects to your existing broadband internet connection and provides you with Vonage telephone service for up to two phones or a phone and fax line. It is also a router and 4 port switch so you can use it to connect multiple computers to your network.

For more advanced configuration options please consult the Linksys RTP300 User Guide.

Set Up the Linksys RTP300 Telephone Adapter

For a visual tutorial showing how to set up the Telephone Adapter see the Linksys RTP300 Quick Start Guide.

Before you set up your Linksys RTP300 telephone adapter, whether it be for the first time or to reinstall it, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Setup Requirements

Original Package Contents:

  • Linksys RTP300 Telephone adapter
  • Linksys RTP300 power adapter (Model D12-12A, M2-12S12-L or AD12V/1A=SW) (12V,1A,120V)
  • Ethernet cable

    NOTE: If you are unable to locate your power supply, Ethernet cable or both, you can purchase these components at an electronics retailer, such as Radio Shack.
Customer Supplied Equipment:
  • High-speed Broadband Internet Connection
  • Telephone and Telephone Cord
  • Modem, Router or Switch with an open Ethernet (LAN) port

Setup Instructions

  1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Internet (blue) port of the phone adapter.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an open Ethernet (LAN) port on your modem, router or switch.
  3. Connect the power adapter to the Power port on the back of the phone adapter and connect the plug end to a power source.
  4. Connect your telephone to the Phone 1 port of the Linksys RTP300 phone adapter. If you have more than one phone number on your account, connect second phone or fax to Phone 2.
  5. Connect your other network devices to the numbered Ethernet (yellow) ports on the back of the phone adapter, If necessary.
    If you are using a seperate router or your Modem is also a router, you do not need to connect your other network devices to the Vonage phone adapter.

When the Linksys RTP300 phone adapter is properly connected and powered up, the Power LED will be solid green, and the Internet and Phone LED's will be either solid or flashing. If you encounter issues, see the General Troubleshooting section below.

General Troubleshooting

  • If the green Power and Internet LED'S do not start flashing after you connect the power cord, make sure that both the power cord and Ethernet cable are connected securely.
  • If you do not hear a dial tone after you have set up your adapter make sure that the phone cord from the telephone is plugged into the correct phone port. If it is connected properly try a different phone or phone cord. If you still do not hear a dial tone use the No Dial Tone Troubleshooting Tool (available for U.S. customers only).
  • When the Power LED blinks, the phone adapter is powering up and attempting to connect to the Vonage Network. If the Power LED does not turn solid within a few minutes check your Ethernet connections and make sure you have internet access. You may need to Restart Your Phone Adapter and Network Devices.

Status Indicator Lights

Ststus Indicator Lights RTP300

The Linksys RTP300 telephone adapter is also a Router and 4-port Switch  It has 8 indicator LED's on its front panel .... Power, Internet,  4 Ethernet LED's and 2 Phone LED's.

The following table describes the meaning for the status of each light.

LED: Ethernet 1-4

Action: On or randomly blinking to match activity (traffic)
Condition: Activity on the Ethernet /LAN connection
LED: Internet Action: On or randomly blinking to match activity (traffic)
Condition: Activity on the Internet connection
LED: Phone 1-2 Action: Off
Condition: Line not provisioned for use
Action: Slow Blinking
Condition: Voicemail is present on the line
Action: Rapid Blinking
Condition: Phone is in use (off hook)
Action: Solid
Condition: Phone is ready for use (no new voicemail messages)
LED: Power Action: Off
Condition: No power to device
Action: Slow Blinking
Condition: Upgrading Firmware
Action: Rapid Blinking
Condition: Starting up
Action: Solid - Green
Condition: Ready for use

Interactive Voice Response Messages

The Linksys RTP300 telephone adapter plays a pre-recorded voice message if a problem with the phone adapter is detected.



The Vonage telephone adapter is not provisioned for use.

This message will play when the phone is picked up during the boot up sequence.

Hang up the phone and wait 30 seconds for the telephone adapter to complete the sequence.

The Vonage telephone adapter has no network connectivity.
  1. Verify all cables are firmly connected to the correct ports. (Ethernet, Phone, Power)
  2. Verify that your Broadband modem is turned on and functioning.
  3. You may need to Restart your Phone Adapter and Network Devices.
The Vonage telephone adapter cannot contact the Vonage network.
The telephone line cannot register to the Vonage network.
The Vonage telephone adapter has no network settings.
Your phone may be plugged into the incorrect phone port. Please try another port. If you believe that you are connected to the correct phone port, please log into your Online Account to check the status of your service. You can check to verify which phone port your phone number is assigned to by checking your Vonage Adapters Port Assignments in your online account.

Restart Your Adapter and Network Devices

Certain conditions can cause an interruption in your Vonage service such as an internet outage, power outage or change in your network configuration. Typically you can resolve these issues by restarting the equipment in your network. See Restart Your Phone Adapter and Network Devices for more information.


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