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Vonage Virtual Numbers

When you add a Virtual Number in an available location, friends and family in that area can call that phone number and reach you for the price of a local call to them. You pay for the cost of the Virtual Number, including applicable taxes and fees, but no other charges are incurred for the calls you receive. Calls to the Virtual Number ring your Vonage phone number and you can have more than one Virtual Number no matter what calling plan you have.

NOTE:  International Virtual Numbers cannot be transferred.

Cost: $4.99 or $9.99 + taxes and fees depending on location

$9.99 Activation Fee for each Virtual Number

Set Up and Use

Helpful Hints

How I Use Virtual Numbers…

I'm from Rio de Janeiro and most of my family and friends still live there. I miss them dearly. While my Vonage calling plan allows me to call them, they cannot afford to call me. I added a Virtual Number in Rio de Janeiro and now everyone calls me whenever they want. It's nice because sometimes you forget how much you are missed and loved, especially when you are the only one who calls.

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