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Vonage Residential Fax Line

You can use any fax-capable machine to send and receive faxes on a dedicated Vonage Fax Line. To add a fax line to your Vonage account, you must maintain at least one Vonage voice line for making and receiving calls.

For information on adding a fax line to your Vonage small business account, refer to the details of your calling plan

NOTE: Your Vonage voice line is not optimized for fax service, however, you can send and receive an occasional fax on this line. To do so, unplug the telephone cord from the port on the Vonage adapter and plug the cord from your fax machine into that same port.

Cost: $9.99 + taxes and fees

Includes 250 minutes of outgoing faxes to U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico; 3.9ยข per minute over 250
$9.99 One-Time Activation Fee

Add and Set Up Your Fax Line

Troubleshoot Fax Issues

If you have difficulties sending or receiving faxes, refer to your fax machine's user guide to adjust the following settings.

  • Disable Error Correction Mode (ECM).
  • Adjust baud rate to the lowest setting. 
  • Set resolution to the lowest setting, which is usually Normal.
  • Disable color setting.
  • Turn off the Distinctive Ring setting on your fax machine. 

Helpful Hints

  • Unlimited incoming faxes are at no cost.
  • Outgoing faxes sent to international locations are at the same cost as your calling plan.
  • Your fax line can be used to place calls, but it is optimized for sending and receiving faxes, not voice service. Many features such as Call Waiting and Voicemail are not available on fax lines.
  • If you have more than one Vonage voice line and want to switch one to a fax line, you cannot make this change in your Online Account. Contact us to optimize the voice line for fax use.
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