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Vonage Companion® (for Vonage Pro Calling Plan)

Vonage Companion is a softphone application that existing Vonage Pro calling plan customers can use on their computer to make and receive calls.

IMPORTANT: The Vonage Pro calling plan is no longer available for new customers. Additionally, support for the Vonage Companion on Mac (Apple) laptops and desktops has ended.

Setup Requirements

System Environment 

  • Minimum: Intel Pentium III 1.3 GHz or equivalent
  • Optimal: Pentium 4® 2.4 GHz or equivalent
 Memory:  512 MB RAM
 Hard Disk Space:  50 MB
 Operating system:
  • Windows® Vista®
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
 Connection:  High speed broadband Internet connection (LAN, wireless)
 Sound Card:  Full-duplex, 16-bit

Audio Needs

Vonage Companion requires both speakers and a microphone to make calls. Based on the capabilities of your PC any of the following configurations are acceptable:

  • External speakers and microphone
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Dual-jack headset with microphone
  • Bluetooth® headset with microphone
  • USB headset with microphone
  • USB phone

If you want to use a wired headset, USB models are recommended for optimal performance during phone calls.

Vonage Companion automatically detects devices each time it starts up and selects the most appropriate audio device. The Audio Devices section of Configuring Vonage Companion for Windows provides instructions on changing to a different audio device that you've installed on your computer.

Install Vonage Companion

Vonage Companion is only available to existing customers with the Vonage Pro calling plan. Click Vonage Companion  to download and install.

See the Vonage Companion User Guide for Windows (PDF Format) for more details on setup and use.

Vonage Companion Interface

The main interface window consists of two sections: Call Panel and Contacts & History Panel.  Leave them open or choose to hide one or both-you decide what works best for you!  You can also minimize the Vonage Companion window and still receive calls.

If you exit when Vonage Companion is minimized or in Deskbar mode, Vonage Companion will start next time as minimized or in Deskbar mode.

For complete details on using the Vonage Companion, see the following:

Example of Companion Interface Minimized and Expanded


Call Panel

Place or receive calls, transfer or hold calls, setup conference calls, or listen to your voicemail - this is where you go for all of your calling needs.


Contacts & History Panel

Organize, update, or access all of your Contact information within the My Contacts tab. Check your call history log for any missed, received, or dialed calls by selecting the My History tab.


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