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Use Multiple Phones on One Vonage Line

There are several options for setting up more than one phone on a single Vonage phone line. 


  • Vonage recommends that you do not connect more than five phones to a single Vonage phone line.
  • Vonage does not offer any phone or chat support for these options.

Cordless Phones  You can plug the base unit of a cordless telephone system into your Vonage adapter and install the additional cordless phones in other locations. 
Wireless Phone Jacks Wireless phone jacks, also known as portable phone jacks, let you connect multiple phones through the electrical wiring. The base unit connects to your Vonage phone adapter. Extenders are then plugged into electrical outlets around your home. Wireless phone jack systems may cause interference and audio issues.
Home Wiring Use the existing internal telephone wiring to route Vonage service throughout your house. Refer to Home Wiring for basic information on this option.
Splitters (multi-port phone jacks)  A splitter is a phone jack with ports for more than one phone. Plug the splitter into the phone port of your Vonage adapter. Plug your phones into the phone ports on the splitter.
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