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Use SimulRing to direct all incoming calls to ring your Vonage phone number and up to five other phone numbers, including international numbers, at the same time. You can pick up your incoming call on any phone you include in your list.

When you set up SimulRing, you do not need to do so before each use unless you want to change the settings. Instead, turn on or off as needed.

NOTE: International numbers that are not included in your calling plan are charged at the per minute rate.

Cost: Free. Included with your Vonage service.

If you have a limited minute calling plan, forwarded calls count against your minutes.

Set Up and Use

Use With Other Features

How I Use SimulRing…

My mother found reaching me on my many phone numbers impossible. To make it easy for her, I set up SimulRing. Now when she calls my Vonage phone number, she can reach me whether I am home or at any of my business locations in the U.S. or Canada.

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