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Vonage Billing and Payment

  • Vonage offers paperless billing only.
  • Payment is automatically charged monthly to your payment method on file.
  • You can view and print your billing statements from your Online Account.


Current Billing

Your current billing statement includes the charges to date in your current billing cycle.

  • The monthly charge of your calling plan
  • Monthly charges for any services such as Toll Free Number, Fax line or additional voice lines
  • Usage charges for international calls not included in your plan
  • Overage charges for usage in excess of included minutes on a limited minute calling plan
  • Taxes and fees

Previous Billing

Your previous billing statements itemize all the charges from a past billing cycle. 


Your monthly payment is automatically charged to your payment method at the end of every bill cycle. If an automatic payment is not successful, you will have a past due balance. You can make a payment to Vonage as follows.

In your Online Account
  • Pay your past due balance.
  • Make an early payment up to $400 with a credit or debit card.
  • Update your payment information.
  • Make a one time payment.
On the Automated Payment Hotline

  • Pay your past due balance.
  • Update your payment information. You need a valid credit or debit card and the billing zip code for your account.
  • Only available in English.
At any U.S. MoneyGram location

Use Receive Code 15059
  • Pay your past due balance.
  • Make an early payment up to $400.
  • MoneyGram accepts cash on behalf of Vonage and charges a $1.49 service fee for each payment.
  • Call the Automated Payment Hotline for the exact amount of your balance before going to MoneyGram.

Mid-Cycle Billing and Payment

Any usage charges (overage and international charges) that total $75.00 during the current billing cycle are automatically charged to your payment method prior to your billing date. This is referred to as mid-cycle billing, which can occur several times per billing cycle depending on account activity. Each mid-cycle payment shows as a credit on your current billing statement.

Billing Cycles

Your billing cycle begins on the day that you sign up for service. With a few exceptions, your payment method is charged automatically on the same day each month. Sign in to your Online Account to view your next billing (payment) date. You can request to change your billing date if you meet specific eligibility requirements

NOTE: If your billing date is Day 29, 30, or 31, payment is charged on the last day of the month in the months that do not have a Day 29, 30, or 31.

Automated Payment Methods

Vonage accepts the following payment methods: 

American Express®
Debit Card
Reloadable Prepaid Card
Electronic Check Payments

NOTE: Prepaid cards are no longer accepted for retail purchase of Vonage service or retail device activations. Vonage does not support Bill Pay at this time.

You can change or update your method of payment in your Online Account.

Monthly Taxes and Fees

Vonage is obligated to apply taxes and fees per state and federal regulations. Taxes and fees are assessed for the following:

  • Calling plan charges for voice lines
  • Additional lines, including fax lines
  • Services, such as Toll Free Number or Virtual Number
  • Usage charges for calls to locations not included in your service
  • Overage charges for calls in excess of the allotted number of minutes if you have a limited minute plan or service

Taxes and fees vary by state1  and are based on your Emergency 911 address2  on file. Other fees that you can incur include the Federal Program Fee; Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property Fee; and E911 and Information Services Fee.

NOTE: If you are on an Annual Prepay Plan, you may be required to pay other taxes and fees that are not included in your annual billing, such as the State E911 Fee. Generally, if you have no other usage or services on your account, these costs are collected when a minimum of $5.00 has accrued.  

1 Sales tax rates vary due to individual tax rates in the 50 states and the amount you owe within the current billing cycle. If you have extra charges (such as call plan minute overages, international calls not included in your plan, etc.), your applicable sales tax will be higher. Local telephone tax may be assessed as a percentage of the service and equipment charges as determined by your local government, or as a flat tax (e.g., $2.00, per line).
2 To direct emergency services to the correct location, you must set up your 911 dialing service. Vonage uses the 911 address listed on your account to indicate the location of your Vonage service to emergency services in your local community. If, for some reason, the specified 911 address is unavailable, Vonage uses the billing address as the service location.

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