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Vonage Mobile® App (for Apple and Android)

The Vonage Mobile app lets you talk and chat with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide for free*. You can also place low cost international calls to landline and mobile phones in more than 200 countries by purchasing "talk time". Unlike our Extensions® App, you do not need Vonage home service to use this app.

With the Vonage Mobile app, you can:

  • Link your phone number to up to five other devices, then make and receive calls from any linked device, where incoming calls ring all linked devices.
  • Share photos and exchange calls and chat messaging, including video, with other Vonage Mobile users for free.
  • Add funds to your account to place low cost calls to more than 200 locations. Funds can be added from and shared across all linked devices.

Have a Vonage Home Phone? Download the Extensions® App and take your Vonage home phone wherever you go. There is no need to purchase "talk time" and any calls not included in your calling plan are itemized on your bill.

Cost: Free. Vonage service is not required.

*Data charges may apply

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