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Access Numbers for Linked Mobile Numbers

Our feature, previously called Extensions, has been integrated into your Vonage service and continues to work as it did before. You will now see this referred to as your "linked mobile number." You can link up to two mobile numbers for each voice line on your account at no additional cost.

You must use an access number and your Security PIN to make a call from a linked mobile number if you are not using the Extensions App. You can use the access number that is displayed in your Online Account or you can use any of the access numbers listed here.

Depending on your mobile calling plan, you may be charged by your mobile carrier for a domestic call to the access number. If your mobile carrier offers free calling to Favorites or Friends, consider adding an access number. Also, if your mobile calling plan charges a per minute rate, roaming charges or you are unsure, check with your mobile carrier about their rates.

 (646) 558-6920  (646) 558-6916  (646) 558-6922  (612) 808-6641  (213) 289-0649  (213) 289-0647
 (415) 363-0425  (213) 289-0646  (312) 878-3240  (415) 363-0426  (646) 558-6921  (646) 558-6919
 (404) 891-0922  (857) 444-0074  (213) 289-0645  (646) 558-6923  (857) 444-0073
 (312) 878-3239  (614) 407-0171  (215) 882-9055  (213) 289-0650  (312) 878-3237
 (646) 558-6918  (312) 878-3238  (646) 558-6915  (720) 452-0163  (213) 289-0652
 (407) 476-0556  (646) 558-6917  (213) 289-0651  (415) 363-0427  (215) 882-9054  

NOTE: While it is possible to use a linked mobile number outside of the U.S., this is not recommended. Dialing a U.S. access number could incur long distance charges and other fees such as roaming charges from your mobile carrier. However, if you have an iPhone® or Android™ phone, you can download the Extensions App and make calls over Wi-Fi while traveling abroad.

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