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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you direct incoming calls to any phone number, including international phone numbers. Forward calls to phone numbers in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada at no cost and international locations for the same rate as your calling plan.

When you set up Call Forwarding in your Online Account, you do not need to enter a phone number before each use unless you want to change the forwarded phone number. Instead, you can turn on or off as needed. The last forwarded phone number entered is displayed until you replace it with a different phone number.

Cost: Free, included with your Vonage service.

If you have a limited minute plan, forwarded calls count against your minutes.

Set Up and Turn On/Off

Helpful Hints

How I Use Call Forwarding...

I was waiting for news about a job that I really wanted, but had to make an emergency run to pick up a stranded friend. Fortunately, I forwarded my Vonage phone calls to my mobile phone and was able to pick up both the call and my friend. Best news is that I got the job.

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