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Vonage Password and PINs

Vonage secures the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' personal information by requiring you to maintain a username, password, and two Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). You need your username (or 10-digit Vonage phone number) and password to sign in to your Online Account.

You can change your Vonage PINs, username and password on the Profile tab in your Online Account. When using your mobile phone to access your account, click on Account Information to make changes.


If you signed up for Vonage service online, you set your password at that time. If you signed up on the phone, you were emailed a temporary password which you will be prompted to change the first time you sign in to your Online Account.

You can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

NOTE: If you saved or stored your password in your web browser, you must delete or clear it before you can sign in with a new password. You can find instructions on saving and deleting passwords in the Help instructions of your browser.


You selected your username when you signed up for Vonage service. You can change it in your Online Account or request to have it emailed to you.

NOTE: Remember you can also sign in to your Online Account with your 10-digit Vonage phone number if you do not know your username.

Security PIN 

When you call to speak with a Vonage representative, you are asked for the answer to one of your three Security Questions or your four-digit Security PIN. Your Security PIN was set when you subscribed for Vonage service. You will be prompted to set your Security Questions the first time you sign in to your Online Account.

Your Security PIN is also needed when you make a call from a linked mobile number and are not using the Extensions App.


You are prompted to enter your Voicemail PIN (password) when you call Voicemail to listen to your messages. You can set your Voicemail PIN on the phone or in your Online Account.

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