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Traditional 911 and Vonage 911 Dialing

Vonage 911 service is similar to traditional 911 service in that it offers a safe and reliable means of emergency dialing. Activating and maintaining your 911 address is important for ensuring the availability of emergencies services at the location of your Vonage phone service. 

  • You can set up or update your 911 address in your Online Account.
  • To check your 911 activation status, dial 933 from your Vonage Phone or sign in to your Online Account.

As a Vonage customer, you have access to the following 911 services that can differ, depending on your location and the device (mobile or landline) that is used with your Vonage service:

Enhanced 911 -- Your Vonage phone number and specified 911 address are sent to the local emergency center that serves your location and emergency operators have access to this information in order to send help or call you back as necessary.

Basic 911-- Local emergency operator that answers your call may not see your Vonage phone number and specified 911 address. In these instances, you must be prepared to provide emergency services with this information. Until this information is received by the emergency responders, the dispatch of help or a call back is not possible if the call is disconnected. However, once the local emergency centers are capable of receiving your information,you are automatically upgraded to Enhanced 911 service.

National Emergency Call Center -- Our national emergency center agents will ask for your name, telephone number and location and then transfer you to the local emergency center that is closest to you.

Vonage 911 service does not function in the event of a power or broadband outage or if your broadband, ISP, or Vonage service is suspended or terminated.
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