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Troubleshoot Static and Garbled Voice

Static and garbled voice are described as:

Static is a constant hissing or buzzing sound, a low hum, or a series of crackles or pops, even when no one is speaking.
 Garbled The voice of either or both people on the phone sounds distorted, muffled, or as though the speaker is under water.

These issues are usually the result of electrical interference caused by a problem in the phone wiring or from other electronic devices such as radios, microwaves, satellite dishes, wireless routers, cell phones, TVs, and surge protectors.

Try one or more of the following to resolve your issue:

  • Verify that all phone wires are solid and free from damage. Replace any wires that are torn or have loose connectors.
  • Verify that your Vonage adapter is at least four feet away from any other electronic device.  
  • Try a different phone, or a different phone cord between the phone and Vonage adapter.
  • For corded phones, replace the phone cord that connects the base of the phone to the handset.
  • For cordless phones, change the frequencies or channels on the phone.
  • Test your Vonage adapter at another location where there is broadband connection available.
  • Verify that all wireless devices and cordless phone bases are at least four feet away from each other.

If you are still experiencing a problem, contact us. Make certain you are near your Vonage adapter when you call.

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