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Call History

Call Activity (also called call history) is a record of all of your inbound and outbound calls. You can view up to 18 months of call records in your Online Account and this information can be filtered and sorted as needed. You cannot delete Call Activity records.

Call Activity greater than 18 months, but less than 36 months, can be obtained by request by legal representation as outlined in Submission of Civil Subpoenas. Call Activity greater than 36 months is not available.

View and Print Call Activity

  1. Sign in to your Online Account.
  2. Click the Billing & Payment tab and select View Call Activity.
  3. Go to Billing Cycle and select a previous billing cycle, if applicable.
  4. Click Download PDF to save to a file or Printer Friendly to print.


  • Received calls are incoming calls answered by you or your Voicemail.
  • Placed calls are outgoing calls made from your telephone number that were answered at the receiving end.
    NOTE: A placed call that is listed as two separate records occurs when the minutes included in the calling plan are exceeded during the call. Any call that is partially in-plan and partially overage minutes will be listed as two separate records
  • Charged calls are outgoing calls (including forwarded and transferred calls) that are charged a per minute rate. This includes calls to international locations not included in your calling plan and calls made in excess of the included number of minutes in your plan.

Block Selective Calls

You cannot block and unblock phone numbers from the Call Activity page. You can, however, block and unblock numbers in your Online Account as follows.

  • From Recent Calls:
    1. Sign in to your Online Account.
    2. Click the Summary tab.
    3. Scroll to Voicemail & Recent Calls and click Recent Calls.
    4. Locate phone number and click Block Number or Unblock Number.
  • From Features and Settings:
    1. Sign in to your Online Account.
    2. Click the Summary tab.
    3. Scroll to Features & Settings.
    4. Go to Selective Call Block and click Edit.
    5. Enter a phone number:
      • Click Add More to block more.
      • Click X to unblock and remove.
    6. Click Save.
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